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Advantages of clean water according to doctors and biotechnology experts:


1. It is the water of high quality suitable for infants, children and adults.

2. It has no scale, toxic, morbific substances or carcinogen contamination.

3. It is crystal clear, tasty and healthy.

4. It removes toxins from our organisms, it purifies our kidneys from sand and removes kidney stones.

5. It purifies and protects our inner organs like liver, pancrease, gallbladder etc.

6. It activates water particles in human organism, it increases the level of oxygen in the blood.

7. It removes fat, toxines and chemical compounds from blood.

8. It reduces the level of acidity in the body.

9. It improves the human nervous system.

10. It improves our health and strengthens the immune system. It also accelerates cell renewal process.

11. It maintains proper PH levels in the body.

12. It provides human daily requirement of minerals absorbed from the fluid.

13. It is ideal for cooking -  the water enhances the flavor of the meat, soups, pasta, rice and vegetables.

14. It is ideal for vegetable and fruit compotes, sugar dissolves with no problems.

15. It makes the tea flavor aromatic.

16. It is indispensable for juice and drinks preparing.

17. It can be poured directly from a tap to hot beverages in order to cool boiling water off.

18. It helps in weight loss and low sodium diets, it also improves metabolism.

19. You can save money on purchasing bottled water.

20. You can protect kettles, coffee machines, kitchen utensils, steam iron, air humidifiers.

21. You can create wonderful, clear ice cubes, they do not affect the taste of beverages.

22. It protects our delicate skin very effectively- it can be used for washing, cleaning wounds, personal hygiene, bathing infants.

23. It is perfect for watering plants and flowers in vases.

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