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What is the difference between the molecular systems and water filters?


Water filters are made of filter materials like twines, diatomaceous soil, sand or coal. The main element of molecular system is a membrane system, which includes a semipermeable membranes. Those membranes stop microscopic dirt particles dissolved in water. Only H2O molecules and minerals are let through, since the water with concentrated contamination flows out of the system.


When the moleculars system were created?


This technology is known for tens of years, but in 1962 it was introduced for wider use. The USA goverment decided to build works which were producing 3000 litres of water daily for the U.S. soldiers. Since then, thousands of companies started to use molecular technology in order to produce clean water. The U.S. Army bought over 8000 membrane systems, which were used during "Desert Storm" in 1991. In the Near East this technology is used in order to obtain fresh water in wild or seaside places.


 Does the molecular system remove salt from the water?


Originally, the system was constructed for the U.S. Navy in order to obtain fresh water from sea water. It was a perfect solution, since the molecular system removes salt from the water. Therefore it is especially recommended for people with hipertension who has a low salt diet.


 Does the molecular system removes bacteria and viruses?


The membrane system removes all microorganisms from water, since it produces clean, fresh water. The system has semipermeable holes which are disproportionately smaller than bacteria and viruses.


 Does the water obtained thanks to the molecular system have any impact on taste of drinks?


The molecular system removes from the water contamination having negative impact on taste and smell of drinks. Clean water makes taste and smell of drinks, coffee, tea etc. more intense.


Is the water obtained thanks to the molecular system proper for children?


Water obtained thanks to molecular process is particularly indicated for children. It maybe used not only for cooking, but also for infant's bath. Small children's skin is chlorine and chemicals sensitive, therefore it is recommended to use clean water.


 What are the other benefits of using the molecular system?


Water with chlorine and contamination is a reason of many skin problems. Clean water helps in keeping natural skin barrier, therefore we do not have to use expensive cremes and cosmetics. Fresh water drinking is highly recommended by doctors for health and vitality. It is required for the people with nephrolithiasis and gallbladder lithiasis inclination. Additionally, kettles, irons etc. filled with clean water are being protected from scaling.

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